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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FAQs - LoC Permits

Q1:What is LoC Permit?
A:LoC Permits are issued only by RPO Jammu and RPO Srinagar to those Jammu and Kashmir residents who want to visit their relatives living across the Line of Control (LoC) for valid reasons (like attending wedding ceremonies).
Similarly, Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK) Authorities also issue LoC Permits to the Jammu and Kashmir natives residing on that side of the LoC for visiting their relatives across LoC.
Q2:Where can I get the application form for LoC Permit?
A:You can download and print the LoC Permit application from the Passport Seva website (
Q3:What is the fee for LoC Permit?
A:No fee is required for LoC Permits.
Q4:What are the documents required for LoC Permit?
A:You need to submit one copy of the LoC Permit application form duly filled and signed in BLUE/BLACK ink along with a copy of the following documents:
  • Proof of Date of Birth (Any one of the below mentioned documents)
    • Matriculation Certificate attested by Gazetted Officer
    • S.M.C. / T.A.C Certificate
    • Passport
    • Annexure 'A' (format available for download in Passport Seva website) for illiterate applicants
  • Proof of Address in India (Any one of the below mentioned documents)
    • State Subject Certificate attested by Gazetted Officer
    • Election Commission Identity Certificate
    • Telephone/Mobile Phone Bill
    • Electricity Bill
    • Aadhaar Card
Q5:I have an infant with me to travel across the LoC. Do I need a separate LoC Permit for him/her?
A:Yes. You need to separately apply for LoC Permits for infants travelling with you.
Q6:Where can I submit the LoC Permit application form?
A:You can submit the application form and required supporting documents at Jammu or Srinagar Passport Office. Alternatively, you can approach the SSP CID (SB) through sector offices for doing this.
Q7:Is Police Verification required for LoC Permits?
A:LoC Permits are issued only after verification of applicant's Indian antecedents by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau (SIB); and that of their relatives living across LoC (done by Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK) Authorities on RPO's request).
Similarly, Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK) Authorities also request RPO Jammu/ Srinagar for verification of Indian relatives of LoC Permit Applicants residing at the Indian side of the LoC. RPOs in turn request CID and SIB for the verifications, and accordingly authorise Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK) Authorities to issue LoC Permits for the applicants whose verification is cleared by CID as well as SIB.

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